Size and Hat Care Guide

How to Determine Your Reversible HoHo Hat Size.

Measure your head to order the best fit. Your hat will fit tighter on the Santa side due to the reverse construction. So order the hat size that is  3/4"-1" larger than your head measurement.

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How to reverse your HoHo hat:

To wear the Santa (velvet) side out, remove the fur ring and store. Shake the pattern side down into the hat. If necessary, push the crystal snowflake into the point of the hat. For the pompom hat, turn the pattern side out. Roll the fur ball and velvet into the crown of the hat. Slip the fur ring down over the snowflake end and adjust the pouf of the crown to fit.

Fabric Content & Fur Origin

Velvet fabrics used are either 100% micro fiber or rayon and polyester blend. Reverse fabrics are either 100% polyester with metallic threads or 100% silk.

Wool fur is genuine Australian or New Zealand lamb. Lamb fur is an all-natural agricultural by-product and a renewable resource. Use of lamb fur promotes sound livestock ecosystems. FUR IS FLAMMABLE. Do not use near fire.

About Fur

Sheepskin fur varies in length, texture and color. It is a natural hide and has many, many variations. It is recommended that you order hats you want to match all in one order so all your hats can be made from the same hide if possible. Hats ordered separately likely will vary in fur length, texture and shade. The dyed sheepskins, black and gray, will be more consistent than the ivory white.

Care of your hat

Fluff the fur by shaking or brushing. A wire pet brush works well. Spot clean hat as needed. Dry clean if necessary. To remove marks on the inside of the fur band use a little rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball to gently clean the band. Do not launder. Water will stiffen the band. To store with minimal wrinkling, extend both sides of the hat, lay flat, flip pattern side over band, smooth fabrics and roll hat with velvet to outside. Wrap in tissue.