Our Red Velvet Guide

We offer many shades of red in our Christmas products.  Each velvet is uniquely beautiful, but the very nature of velvet makes it challenging to photograph and even more difficult to capture the exact color.  

So here we'll guide you from light to dark, through our range of reds.

All these red velvets are available as Design Your HoHo Hat selections.



RED VELVET, used in our classic Santa hat, is a scarlet, bright red.  This is our lightest, brightest red.



Christmas Red was introduced in 2015.  It's offered in the Design A HoHoHat selections.  Christmas red is a deeper red with rose tones.  This shade pairs especially well with pinks, wines,  greys and blues.



Ruby Red is used in our Vixen hat.  It's an amazing, light reflecting crushed velvet with a deep green cross weave.  It's quite rare and made in England.


Wine Red is used in our Rudolph hat.  It's second to the Santa red in popularity.  The shade is a very rich, old world color deep red velvet.


Burgundy Red is our deepest red shade.  Available in the Design A HoHo Hat selections. It is a very deep, dark black cherry red.