Our Red Velvet Guide

We offer many shades of red in our Christmas products.  Each velvet is uniquely beautiful, but the very nature of velvet makes it challenging to photograph and even more difficult to capture the exact color.  So here we'll guide you from light to dark, through our range of reds.All these red velvets are available as Design Your HoHo Hat selections.  Santa Red, used in our classic Santa hat, is a scarlet, bright red.  This is our lightest, brightest red. Christmas Red is new for 2015.  It's offered in the Design A HoHoHat selections.  Christmas red is a deeper red with rose tones.  This shade pairs especially well with pinks, wines,  greys and blues. Ruby Red is used in our Vixen hat.  It's an amazing, light reflecting crushed velvet with a deep green cross weave.  It's quite rare and made in England. Wine Red is used in our Rudolph hat.  It's second to the Santa red in popularity.  The shade is a very rich, old world color deep red velvet. Burgundy Red is our deepest red shade.  Available in the Design A HoHo Hat selections. It is a very deep, dark black cherry red.  

Holiday Decorating Trends 2015

We love unboxing our treasured holiday decorations for a new Christmas season.  Some of them may be generations old.  But every year the best designers always tempt us to add something a little bit new.  Here are the latest designer trends for Holiday 2015 according to wholesale industry group Selling Christmas Decorations.  Who knows, something special and new in 2015 may become a traditional favorite in years to come! Metallics in copper, brass and bronze.  Gold is always elegant but copper and brass are especially modern.    LED lighting everywhere for maxium sparkle and glow!  Fashion-influenced prints combined with larger areas of solid colors. The key looks are ikat, animal and chevron.  Everything lakeside and lodge.  This look is cozy and warm, vintage and classic.    Organic materials and nature-inspired designs.  The best are often do-it-yourself and free!  Elegant script, often with inspirational messages.    Winter white.  It's timeless but always fresh! If you love this style there are more great ideas at this blog.  Tactile, textured and layered design from rustic to shimmering!  Woodland creatures, modernized!  (How do they do that?)  Chalkboards, because they're a charming way to welcome, inform and include.  Just right for the holidays!  Inspired or confused?  Fear not!  Any way you get in the spirit is a beautiful thing, isn't it?    

The Lace Collection

This year I decided to experiment with lace making for the 2015 Halloween collection.The lace is made on an embroidery machine.  Each pattern is a digital file.  Every product has 2 to 3 patterns which are hand-stitched together to make the base of the final lace product.  One lace section alone contains over 30,000 stitches and takes nearly an hour of stitching on the machine.  Once the lace sections are stitched and sewn together they are soaked to remove any remaining embroidery stabilizer material, some are hand-dyed and then dried overnight.  Trims may include Swaraovski crystal, flowers, beads and feathers.  Organdy ribbons are sewn in place for ties.  Butterflies of lace are attached to hair elastics to wear on the wrist, fingers or in the hair.   The final pieces are all one of a kind and a glamourous alternative to the usual Halloween mask!