What is Sustainable Lamb Fur Fleece?

The luxurious genuine lamb and sheep fur fleece used in our hats, stocking and scarves originates from farms in Australia and New Zealand.  The sheep and lambs are raised for food consumption, not hides.  



The by-product hides are processed by a prominent sheepskin tannery and sold in the US and Europe.  Our fur-on hides comes from the very same supplier to top international fashion brands including UGG, Prada, Timberland, Adidas, Nike, Clarks, Wolverine and more. 



The sheepskin tannery operations are ISO9001 certified and have achieved Woolmark, Sanitized, TUV, BLC and SG approvals meaning their products are free  of unsafe dyes, formaldehyde and chemicals not approved by US and European standards.


We feel good about offering Christmas hats made from this naturally beautiful product.  Every hide we use is a little different and has unique characteristics.  Therefore the fur of one hat may be long and straight, the next curly, the next short and wavy.   Shades of white, ivory and cream are often all in one hide.


 It's a good thing to do, we think - to make something special and, in a way, honor the sheep and lambs raised to feed us.  We hope you agree.