Sleigh Bells, the Sound of Winter


The jingle-jingle of sleigh bells is perhaps the best and brightest sound of winter.  Undeniably a throw back to a long-ago time, but sitll meaningful even if you've never experienced a horse-drawn sleigh.


How great are the old Budweiser Christmas ads with the Clydesdales jingling happily through powdery snow!



When our Design A Hat feature was created,  I wanted some high qulity jingle bells as trim options.  Not the kind found in craft stores that sound like a baby rattle, but the real deal - horse bells, but small enough for our hats.  

So after much searching I found the Classic Bell Company of Iowa.   This small business specializes in bell trimmed horse harnesses, harness restoration, bell restoration and plus, they know everything about sleigh bells.  



Since finding this great small business, I've acquired lots of jingly shiny gold and silver 1" sleigh bells.  They must be set with rivets, so that's what we do.  Each hat silk is partly sewn and turned, the rivet placed inside the hat point and into the setting tool, then the bell is set on top of it all.  Riveting, even fabric, is really a job for a muscular guy, but if I get lucky,  the rivet sets on my first try!


Our newest hat style, the St. Nick, comes with a shiny tinkling silver bell.  



Today I shipped one box of 3 hats with 3 bells on.  That box is sure to bring some surprised smiles for our postal workers!  That's just what jingle bells do!